On MacOS you need to install homebrew and then use brew to install bash-completion and then add bash completion to your shell. You might also have to upgrade bash as MacOS ships with a fairly old version and this affects bash-completion scripts.

First, install homebrew from You probably already have this if you installed jotta-cli on MacOS.

Second, check your bash version:


If your bash major version is less than 4 you need to upgrade:

brew install bash

Now you need to whitelist the new bash version by adding it to the list of shells found in the file /etc/shells  

After whitelisting the shell ensure you are running the new version by running 

chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash

More information on upgrading bash is available here:

Third, install bash-completion: 

brew install bash-completion

and remember to follow the instructions about how to add bash-completion to your shell typically something like below:

Add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:
  [[ -r "/usr/local/etc/profile.d/" ]] && . "/usr/local/etc/profile.d/"

Fourth, add the following to your ~/.bash_profile:

. <(jotta-cli completion)


Many linux distros come with bash-completion already loaded. If not you can run 

apt-get install bash-completion

or the non-debian equivalent.

Then, add the following to your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc  

. <(jotta-cli completion)
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