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Jottacloud has added the option to buy subscriptions through the Jottacloud mobile apps. The payments for these subscriptions go through Google/Apple, and any changes to the subscriptions usually needs to be handled through these services. The subscriptions offered through the mobile apps are slightly different from the ones offered on the Jottacloud website.

Here are the current options if you want to upgrade your subscription:

On a mobilephone/tablet: Upgrade to the subscription you want in the app, the subscrition should be available shortly thereafter

On the Jottacloud website: The mobile subscriptions are not available on our website, instead we offer these subscriptions

If you would like to switch to one of these subscriptions please cancel your subscription in the mobile app, and contact Jottacloud Support who will help you set up your account with the subscription you want.

Read more about how to cancel your subscription in App Store and Google Play here.

For any other questions regarding subscriptions bought through Google Play or Appstore please contact Jottacloud support.

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