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Quick guide to get started with Jottacloud
Quick guide to get started with Jottacloud

New to our cloud? Read this quick guide to get started!

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Welcome to our cloud service! We're here to make your files and photos safe and accessible. This quick guide will get you started with backup in no time.

Everything you save is of course protected by Norwegian privacy laws!

To get the most out of our cloud service, we recommend you use our apps for desktop and mobile, in addition to our web page.

1. Backup Your Phone and Tablet

  • Download our app on your devices from our web page or directly from App Store or Google Play.

  • It handles automatic backups of your photos and videos.

  • You can also view backed-up files from your computer and save files from your phone/tablet directly to the cloud.

After download:

  • Log in to your account.

  • Follow the installation steps.


  • Allow access to your photos and videos; otherwise, we won't be able to back them up.

  • Enable Location services for background uploads.

  • Turn on notifications for important updates.

2. Backup Your Computer

  • Download the application from our web page and log in.

  • Follow the installation process.

  • Customize your settings and folders during or after installation.


  • Find a local sync folder on your computer in Finder on Mac, and explorer on Windows. This folder synchronizes files between all your devices with our cloud service installed, including your phone!

    Not sure about the difference between Backup and Sync? Read this article.

3. Explore Our Web Page

  • Login to our web page.

  • Access all your files and photos from connected devices.

  • Manually upload, create albums, and organize folders.

  • Access account settings.

More Features:

  • Activate 2-factor authentication for extra security in Account settings.

  • Use the Archive to store old data content or important documents that are only needed and kept. Note that the Archive is not updated automatically, so it is not for regular backups.

  • Sharing with family and friends is easy with our cloud service. The simplest methods are through the mobile app or our web page.

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